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''We and Canada'' have established this web page as a result of your comments, criticism, failure stories and negative feedback of the Canadian immigration system. You may have received disappointing service from a previous fake, fraud!! counsellors, immigration representatives or immigration lawyers. If you need a LEGAL REPRESANTATIVE :ICCRC-CRCIC

Honesty, clarity, sincerity, are what you would expect from a representative and ''We and Canada'' understand the disappointment and frustration you feel when it is not received.

Arriving in Canada as an immigrant is an exciting opportunity and if you want to immigrate to Canada, there are various ways to make your application. You will need to decide which immigration method would be most suitable for you and your family.

''We and Canada'' will provide our clients with honesty and sincerity to assist, help to you through the immigration process.

In Turkey certain conditions have provided some opportunities with certain occupational and educational levels to become business owners.  Each year about 200,000 people immigrate to Canada. Being an investor, entrepreneur or families of such individuals is the safest, most robust way to achieve your immigration goals.

''We and Canada'' can assist further to help with real estate, schools, child care, child education, SIN - Social Insurance Number-Social Security card, the regional health card and Permanent Resident applications.

''We and Canada,'' understand all these complex, difficult procedures and policies and seemingly impossible Canadian visa applications and acceptance stages. We develop mutual trust with you and provide you with step by step, goal-oriented help to assist you with your immigration goals.

We can assist with all Canadian visa cultivars (Canadian tourist visa, Canadian temporary resident visa, Canadian temporary work visas, Canadian student visa, Canada immigration application) help you with your needs, questions, challenges and keep you updated with your progress.

''We and Canada,'' are not consultants or a consulting company.  ''We and Canada,'' is an honest charitable organization.

Don't be FRAUD!!

''Immigration consultants, lawyers, and other representatives are people who offer immigration advice or assistance to visa applicants. Some applicants may choose to use a consultant to act on their behalf with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the Immigration and Refugee Board or the Canada Border Services Agency.

There are two types of immigration consultants: paid and unpaid.

Paid immigration consultants
Only the following people may charge a fee to represent or advise you on immigration and refugee matters with the Government of Canada:

•lawyers who are members in good standing of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society
•Immigration consultants who are members in good standing of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, and
•notaries who are members in good standing of the Chambre des notaires du Québec
The Government of Canada will not deal with non-authorized consultants who charge a fee for their service.

Unpaid immigration consultants
A person or organization who does not charge a fee for their service may also represent you.

For example:

•a family member or friend
•a member of a non-governmental or religious organization
To protect your privacy, CIC will not share any of your personal information with your consultant, lawyer, and other representative unless you provide your written consent using the Use of a Representative (IMM 5476) form.

Other people who offer immigration advice or assistance
People who provide immigration-related advice or assistance for a fee before the application is filed are not obliged to be authorized consultants. However, be aware that non-authorized consultants, lawyers, and other representatives or advisors are not regulated. This means that they may not have adequate knowledge or training. It also means that you cannot seek help from the professional bodies (that is, the law societies, CSIC, etc.) if that person provides you with the wrong advice or behaves in an unprofessional way.''

Source: www.cic.gc.ca

'' NEW REGULATOR : On March 18, 2011, it was announced that the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is being proposed as a new regulatory body to oversee immigration consultants. Proposed recognition of the ICCRC as regulator must follow a regulatory process before coming into force. Details will be available on this website, but the ICCRC will not become the new regulator until the regulatory change comes into force. Until that time, the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants remains the regulator. ''

Source: www.cic.gc.ca

''We and Canada'' can’t promise positive results but we can promise help to our members.

Come, let’s meet you ''We and Canada'' families.


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